Saturday, November 19, 2016

Essential Mints

     The challenge of avoiding the Holiday pounds and warding off tantalizing treats just got a little easier with Essential Mints in Fat Burner Peppermint (  These powerful little guys, packed in a convenient, reusable tin, suppress the appetite while helping the body burn calories when you're faced with the indulgences of the Holiday Season.
     Three active ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract and Saffron Extract, make Fat Burner Peppermint a powerful and natural, weight management supplement.  Whether you are susceptible to indulging in sweets or calorie-rich savory meals at Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmas celebrations, Hanukkah nights or the company potluck, these three ingredients give your willpower a boost and fuel caloric burning within the body, plus naturally suppresses the appetite.  We all know there will be endless opportunities to give in to guilty pleasures in the coming months!
     Here's what we know about these clean ingredients:  Garcinia Cambogia has been proven to reduce cravings by raising serotonin levels, which induce a more satiated and calm state of mind.  Saffron extract also curbs the appetite, and Green Tea Extract helps to boost the metabolism.  Pop a mint, not a chocolate, after the meal, and you're well on your way to win the battle against the winter belly bulge with fresher breath!
     Available online at or on, a tin of 60 mints retails for $9.00.  The compact, reusable tins can be toted anywhere anytime so the benefits of the Fat Burner Peppermint can be a handy weapon against Holiday indulgence.  Cooling organic Peppermint Oil flavors these mints and makes them a delicious delivery system for these efficient active ingredients.  The sleek tin comes with a built-in mirror (my favorite part) that flips open so you can make sure you look your best on the go.  Unlike other supplements or pills on the market, Essential Mints contain no chemicals or preservatives and are vegan with Non-GMO ingredients.  #winning

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