Monday, April 17, 2017

Peter & Pat's Pierogies

     If you are pro Pierogie, then listen up!  Peter & Pat's Pierogies are no ordinary Pierogie!  They use a 60 year old family recipe that is made with 100% real potato and cheese, as well as 100% natural ingredients.

     They grew their love for traditional Eastern European food into a thriving catering business in the Northeast United States over the past 20 years.  They were everyone's favorite!  Specifically, people loved the Pierogies.  So much so that they now have become one of the top selling Pierogie brands in the United States.  The brand has been so successful, that they have officially launched in Costco locations across the Midwest.

     Did I mention, Pierogies are low fat, low cholesterol, all-natural, and made with no preservatives.  Ready in minutes!  Great for a snack or meal time.  They can be boiled or pan-fried in just minutes (most recommended), or deep-fried, baked or microwaved.

     Some use them as a main dish with red sauce, I used mine as a side dish, which was the perfect compliment to my Beef Roast (a Pork Roast would be good too).  Just make sure to try them out as soon as possible.  For sure to be a crowd pleaser!  Check our your local Costco and pick some up today!  In good health, paige  :)

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