Monday, December 12, 2016

Essential Mints with Caffeine

     The challenge of avoiding droopy eye syndrome just got a little easier with Essential Mints with Caffeine (  These powerful little guys, packed in a convenient, reusable tin, are easy to tote around when you need that extra little boost of energy to get thru a hectic afternoon.
     Each of these mints are handmade and 100% Natural.  Their ingredients are sourced from the best raw ingredients manufacturers you can find.  They are all FDA & GMP Certified.  I'm not a caffeine drinker, so for me, one or two does the trick for me.  Each mint contains 20mg of caffeine, typically 5 mints would equal one cup of coffee...not to mention the bonus of fresher breath!
     Available online at or on  Unlike other mints on the market, Essential Mints contain no chemicals or preservatives and are vegan with Non-GMO ingredients.  #winning


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