Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Camerons Products

     After this long and brutal winter, I bet you can’t wait to start up that grill while soaking in some sun! Marking the unofficial start of the summer, you are now free to wear white and hang out by the pool as often as you can. It's an American tradition to invite over your family and friends for a BBQ cookout in your backyard. Make your picnic or BBQ unforgettable this year by preparing meals that are outside-the-box. Spend more time with guests and less time running around with host/hostess duties with a little help from these unique grilling gadgets!

     Kick off your favorite summertime vegetable with the help of Camerons Corn Grilling Basket! This 100% nonstick grilling surface holds up to 4 ears of corn. Featuring an extra-long 9-inch rosewood handle to keep you away from the heat. Secure locking on the basket for when flipping the corn over the grill. Retail price $12.99.

     Prepare, grill and serve delicious pizza right on the grill with Camerons Pizza Grilling Pan. The pan’s perforated cooking surface ensures even cooking and tasty flavor. It works not only pizza, but is great for grilling chicken, shrimp, vegetables and more! Homemade pizza also makes a fun interactive family activity. Let kids and guests create their pizza however they like it by trying new ingredients and getting creative with toppings, such as a Southwest style or even a balsamic sweet potato pizza! The best part of Camerons Pizza Grilling Pan is the heat resistant handle detachesfrom the grill pan, allowing you to close down the grill lid with the pan inside, and makes for convenient space-saving storage after use. The detachable handle keeps you protected from the heat and gives you the freedom to serve the pizza without having to slide the pizza on or off the pizza stone or grill. Camerons Pizza Grilling Pan has extra-high side walls keeps food stable in the pan and is also a great addition for you deep dish pizza fans! The pan has an 100% non-stick surface and is dishwasher safe, making clean up easier than ever. Retail price $14.99.

     No outdoor barbecue is complete without some grilled veggies! Camerons Barbecue Wok allows you to grill healthy meat, vegetables, seafood, stir-fry and more. The wok’s high walls keep the food inside the basket for easy and no mess grilling. The wooden handles allow you to safely place and remove your wok from the grill to serve your food. All your ingredients will slide right off when you’re ready to serve with 100% non-stick grilling surface. Retail price $15.99

     Step up your grilling sides this summer with Camerons Barbecue Skewer Rack! It’s the fastest way to evenly grill your favorite meats, vegetables and seafood with four easy-to load skewers. The skewer rack features a detachable handle that allows you to place the rack on the grill, flip your food for even cooking, and then safely remove it for easy serving. Skewers have a 100% non-stick surface so your food slides right off! Makes storage simple and a safe alternative to putting your skewers directly on the grill.  Retail price: $19.99.

For more information visit, all products can be purchased directly thru Camerons or Amazon!  In good health, paige  :)

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