Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Whey

If you’re serious about playing sports, or you just want to stay active and in shape, you need protein. And you need it in a convenient, go-anywhere package. Given today’s hectic lifestyles, New Whey Liquid Protein provides just what athletes and fitness buffs need to stay on top of their game – a tasty, quick, easy and complete protein source.

New Whey Liquid Protein is made up of hydrolyzed proteins, a special grade of protein proven to be gentle on the stomach and easier for the body to digest and assimilate. Our delicious, power-packed formula supplies the protein you need for recovery and growth and the ability to build lean muscle mass. For best results take New Whey within 30 minutes post workout to give your muscles the protein they need.

New Whey Liquid Protein offers you the ultimate in convenient protein supplementation. With no need for blending or refrigeration and virtually unbreakable packaging, it’s perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Featuring a variety of great flavors and a serving size less than 4 ounces, New Whey Liquid Protein is compact, refreshing and nutritious. Zero carbs. Zero sugar. Zero fat.

And it’s absolutely complete. Our unique, breakthrough formula consists of three proteins that make New Whey Liquid Protein complete and exceptionally bioavailable (in other words, more absorbable and usable by your body). And why do you want complete proteins? Because they contain the appropriate amounts of all essential amino acids to benefit muscle growth.

For more information and where to buy, visit!  In good health, paige :)

Amino acid profile for New Whey 42g

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