About Paige

Food is the most powerful medicine we consume on a daily basis~I'm all about "Food Fitness"~ give your food a workout and enjoy the health benefits of mind, body and soul!!! ;)
After turning 50 this year, I've decided to devote chapter 2 of my life to the things I'm most passionate about!!! Besides having a perfect husband and 5 wonderful children, I have a strong desire to eat clean and exercise 6 days a week!!! My quest for health has evolved over the years and the biggest and best change I've made this year has been to leave sugar in my dust !!!! Not to say I don't have occasional slips, but for the most part I have found healthy alternatives to sugar! This one change has made more of a nutritional impact on my life than anything I've ever done !!! Come along with me on my journey to "Food Fitness" and enjoy the ride!!! In good health, Paige ;)

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