Sunday, May 3, 2015

Apple Almond Brussels Kale Slaw Salad

     When you think of salad, does your mind go directly to a head of Iceberg lettuce torn into bite size pieces!?  #barf  I totally can NOT gag down a bowl of that stuff!  At the minimum give me Romaine and Baby Spinach Leaves, but if you want to take a walk on the wild side can we talk about Brussels Sprouts and Kale!?  Oh yes we can!!!  You are going to love this recipe when we slaw our Brussels, add a homemade Vinaigrette, Fruit, Nuts and Parmesan...and let's not forget the BACON!!!  For an 1/8th of the recipe it is only 199 calories, 20g net carbs, and 7g protein.  If you wanna turn it into a full meal, add your favorite grilled Chicken or Salmon!  Hello Summer Salads  ;)

Ingredients for 8 servings~
Juice of one Lemon
Juice of one Orange
1/4 cup EVOO (if you have a garlic flavored EVOO/dipping oil, then use that)
2 Green Onions, diced
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Pepper
24oz Brussels Sprouts
10oz Kale, torn into bite size pieces
1 Fuji Apple, diced
2 cups seedless Grapes, cut in half
6 slices Turkey Bacon, cooked and crumbled (I microwave mine for one minute one slice at a time)
1/3 cup shredded Parmesan
1/3 cup slivered Almonds
1/2 cup fresh Blueberries

     Add Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, EVOO, Green Onions, Salt and Pepper to Magic Bullet and blend til fully incorporated.  Stem, clean and cut Brussels in half and add to Food Processor and grind til slaw consistency, add to large salad bowl along with Kale pieces and pour Dressing over salad mixture and toss til fully incorporated.  Top with Apple, Grapes, Bacon, Parmesan, Almonds and Blueberries.  Enjoy  :)

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