Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blueberry Banana Parfait

     The world literally melted away with each and every bite of this Blueberry Banana Parfait.  What a gift!  This could become habit forming, especially since it was only 222 calories, 32.6g net carbs and 14.2g protien.  Although, I usually don't have this many carbs in one meal, I used this as a pre work out snack and so it "fed" my purpose!  This was literally heaven and I hope you will join me in the clouds and float into a bliss filled wonder with each passing mouth full!  :)

Ingredients for one Blueberry Banana Parfait~
1~ small peeled Banana, sliced
1~80 calories container of Banana Cream Dannon Light&Fit Non Fat Greek Yogurt
1~rounded Tablespoon Blueberries
1~Tablespoon TruWhip (
1~Tablespoon sliced Almonds

     Layer Parfait in order of ingredients, enjoy immediately!  :)

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