Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chocolate Granola Breakfast Bars

     Oh goodness!  I can't use enough adjectives to tell you how scrumptious these turned out!  Chocolate Granola Breakfast Bars may be my new morning go to!  Each of these four HUGE bars are only 209 calories, 23g net carbs and 11.5g protein.  I died a little with each bite!  Once life returned, I started to think about how long before I could eat my next piece...  :)

Ingredients for 4 large servings~
2 ripe medium peeled Bananas, mashed
1 cup Uncle Sam Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes & Raisins (do not grind, keep in cereal form~ for more information and where to buy)
1 scoop Quest Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder
1 jumbo Egg
1/4 cup reduced fat shredded Coconut (I use Let's Do Organic brand)
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
Dash Cinnamon
Dash Vanilla
2 Tablespoons Walnut pieces
1 Tablespoon Lily's Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate Chips

     Mix everything together but Walnuts and Chocolate Chips and pour into 8X4 parchment lined loaf pan.  Top with Walnuts and Chocolate Chips, bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  Voila!  Enjoy  :)

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