Thursday, February 1, 2018

Super Bowl Party

     I've always had a competitive nature, wanting to be the best in the fastest time possible.  So with the Super Bowl just around the corner, I decided to join in the festivities by seeing how fast I can throw my party together.  Step One, find a competent co-captain grocery store.  Step Two, dust off my stop watch.  Step Three, preheat the oven.  Step Four, put on my team jersey.  Step Five, enjoy appetizers galore in less than one hour (and I know it only takes an hour cause I timed myself... no shame in my game...pretty sure I hold the record, unless someone wants to challenge me to a rematch). #partyprepchampion  So here's the game plan, choosing Whole Foods Market Wichita as my partner in crime, it took me exactly 13 minutes from my car to checkout.  Zipping home, it took me another 47 minutes to unload, bake and prep my spread.  #score  Taking advantage of all their premades are invaluable, you can easily prep all your other items while your Meatballs and Wings are baking (another tip was using a foil lined pan that everything could easily be baked together, with a make shift foil wall separating the Beef and Chicken, then clean up is a breeze).  Start to finish in one hour flat with Whole Foods Market!  #winning

Party Fixins~
Siete Grain Free Chips and Tortillas~ a must for any party.  The best light crispy chips on the market, and their wraps are my new all time favorite, just heat and serve.
Guacamole~ the produce department spoils us with grab and go Guac that can't be beat.  They also have a great sale going on Avocados at 2 for 3 dollars if you want to make your own.  I make a simple Guac by stirring mashed Avocados, juice of one Lime and Salt to taste!  #voila
Whole Foods Salsa~ another produce department favorite is their fresh home made Salsa.  Super hearty and just waiting for a chip transportation.
Shrimp Cocktail~ the meat department has spoiled us with not only standard Shrimp Cocktail, but a variety pack is available too.
Chicken Wings~ have you heard the joke some people were eating Wings and a Football game broke out!?  No!?  Well, maybe that's cause I just made it up.  Anyhoo, I digress, with Whole Foods you can have your Wings and eat them too.  The meat department has a variety pack for you to choose from Garlic, Lemon and Buffalo.  Very simple to take and bake, could they make it any easier for us!?  They even include the dip, they've simply thought of everything!
Meatballs~ a Football favorite, Whole Foods has two flavors to choose from, Italian or Cowboy Beef.  Simply take and bake, serve with your favorite sauce.
Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip~ The Honest Stand has a full line of flavors to choose from, not only are they Vegan, but what really has my attention is the flavor and the fact that it's only 20 calories for 2 Tablespoons.
Nuts~ Whole Foods has a beautiful selection of Nut bins to offer a variety to your hungry guests.
Jarlsberg Cheese~ Whole Foods Cheese department is the best in town for a delectable offering.  My pick is Jarlsberg to add to sandwiches, melt on a Siete Tortilla, or simply slice and eat with nuts.  With it's mild richness, this Norwegian Cheese is a perfect way to finish off any table.

  It's time to get your party on!  When using Whole Foods as your own personal MVP, I challenge you to the party prep contest 2018...let's see who can beat my standing record.  Look for my plaque hanging in the Super Bowl Party Hall of Fame,  pay your homage by raising a fist full of Wings.  May the best man win!  #greatforthegame #sponsored

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