Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Brother's Salsa

     One of the pay offs of food blogging is that nice people send you food...good job, ey'!?  How can life get any better than when My Brother's Salsa shows up on your step.  Each savory morsel has the perfect amount of "bite"...#punintended.  And, those smarty pants created their own organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten free Tortilla Chips for my dipping pleasure.  Did you know they only have 4 ingredients!?  #wwwhhhaaaaaa...
     This woman owned company had their first jar of Salsa hit stores in 2004.  Their nine varieties of all-natural salsas are made with only the choicest of ingredients... and did I mention there are only FIVE calories in 2 Tablespoons!?  These Salsa's have no preservatives, added sugar, no artificial colors or flavors and is low in sodium.  Each salsa variety has a two year shelf life unopened (...which makes me laugh, ...ain't nobody gunna have this last two weeks let alone two years).
     The next time you have a Salsa hankering I suggest you check out and see if you agree that My Brothers Salsa is fresh, full flavored and delivers great taste.


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