Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bunny Tails

     Peter Cotton Tail is a very prepared bunny, he has a closet of back ups so he's well covered hopping down the Bunny Trail!  As we know preparation is the key for success, we can learn a lot from Peter.  Each of these 8 Bunny Tails are only 35 calories, .8g net carbs, 2.7g protein and 2g fat.  These are so macro friendly, you can enjoy the entire thing for only 277 calories, 6.8g net carbs, 21g protein and 15g fat.  Hippidy Hoppity Easter's on its way!  :)

Ingredients for 8 Bunny Tails~
1 Tablespoons Lily's Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate Chips
1/4 teaspoon Coconut Oil
1 Quest Coconut Cashew Protein Bar, divided into 8 equal parts (sub with any Quest Bar)
1.5 Tablespoons reduced fat Coconut Shreds

     Add Chips and Coconut Oil to microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds, stir til smooth. Repeat if necessary.  Divide Quest Bar into 8 equal parts, roll into balls and dip in melted Chocolate.  Add Coconut to bowl and drop wet Chocolate covered balls in Coconut Shreds and roll around til covered, remove with fork and rest on wire rack til dry, or put in fridge to dry.  Enjoy  :)

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