Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deviled Bunny Prints

     What do you get when you cross a Chicken and the Easter Bunny...Deviled Bunny Prints of course, duh!  These little treasures are so easy and so fun, and a great project to do with your kids.  Serve these on Easter morning for breakfast or for a "eggsciting" appetizer before dinner.  The glorious thing about these are, not only are they delicious, but contain no extra calories.  I use the jumbo sized Egg, which is 90 calories, zero carbs, 8g protein and 6g fat.  Elbows may not be allowed on the table, but Deviled Bunny Prints are highly encouraged!  :)  PS... check out my recipe for the perfect boiled Egg!

Jumbo Eggs (as many as desired)
Waldens Farms Mayo
Food Coloring, desired color

     Add Egg to saucepan, cover with water, set on burner with high heat til boiling, add lid, turn off heat (do not remove pan from burner), set timer for 15 minutes, when time is up remove from burner, rinse with cold water, peel, cut in half lengthwise, remove yolk into bowl, add a small amount of Mayo to wet (make sure not to get to much or it will be runny, err on the drier side), add coloring and stir til thoroughly combined.  Add mixture to baggie, snip corner and CAREFULLY pipe into well of Egg.  Be cautious not to touch rim as die will seep into White of Egg.  Afterward, pipe 3 Bunny toes.  Repeat with remaining Eggs.  Enjoy  :)


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