Sunday, January 11, 2015

My tips for Optimal Health ;)

     At 51, health has become a huge priority in my life.  If I had to define health it would be a different definition from each passing decade.  My concerns have totally shifted during my 20's, 30's, 40's and now 50's.  Going thru the change of life brings a whole new awareness of things I took for granted in previous decades.  My health focus now is directed towards restful sleep and use 3mg of Melatonin as a natural sleep aid when necesary, preventing muscle and bone loss thru weight lifting and supplement with a daily Vitamin D tablet, heart health with low fat diet and 5-6 cardio sessions a week, keeping carbs around or under 85-100 net grams/day to prevent a thick mid section ( "meno-pot" syndrome), keeping Hot Flashes at bay by a low sugar diet and taking Black Cohosh daily.
     Weight control is a health concern that has spanned the decades, and I now have answers that I didn't have, nor understand, 30 years ago.  Alas, necessity is the mother of invention, and our bodies are much less forgiving at 51 vs 15.  As we age and experience body changes, we are forced to take a more serious look at our habits if we want to maintain our shape and weight.  So if your appearance is a priority, changes have to be made as time passes if we want to "keep up" vs "fall behind"... no pun intended regarding "falling behinds"  (#seewhatididthere) ...  :0  My biggest key, that has affected every area of my life, is to AVOID SUGAR!!!  My sister, Gia, has said for years "Sugar is the Devil"!!!  What I understand now is how sensitive my body is to sugar and all the dramatic harmful effects it evokes, ... which is not good for a confirmed "Sugar Addict" since birth!!!  :/  The things I know for sure is that Sugar makes me want more Sugar, it makes my cravings go wild, and makes my hunger go thru the roof... and that's just the physical components!!!  There are real emotional aspects that are impacted by sugar as well.  Unless you love the idea of lingering in a low level depressive state, I would advise you avoid Sugar at all costs.  My husband says you can only connect the dots moving backwards, I now enjoy a much higher quality of life by simply avoiding that sinful white powder as much as possible, it's a true example of a love/hate relationship.  Trust me, after a 3 day detox your cravings will fade and you won't even miss it or want it!!!  There are great alternatives to cure a sweet tooth, Lily's Stevia Sweetened Chocolate, Quest Protein Bars, or any of my Protein Powder Baked Goods on my blog,  My favorite new find is Amberlyn Sugar Free Belgium Chocolate covered Almonds from, oh man oh man....those babies are totally addictive... but in a good way!!!  ;)
     My biggest key to health can be summed up in one word, "ORGANIZATION"!!!  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  It takes longer to be disorganized than the amount of time it takes to plan.  Make your menu's a week at a time, grocery shop once a week, make food in multiples to save time (I make 4 protein shakes at a time, store them in the fridge and just add my crushed ice in the mornings, grind on the Magic Bullet and off I go), know what you will eat the next day before you go to bed at night, do as much prep work as possible for the next days meals, have in between meal snacks on hand and planned out, and lastly make sure to get up in time to get your work out done before heading out the door for the day!!!
     Our habits mold our lives and determine our future.  I want to feel good as I attempt to age gracefully.  Good choices don't leave me feeling deprived, they allow me more freedom to do the things I want to do, enjoy a full active life with loving relationships.  For the last several years I have celebrated my birthday by spending the day climbing Pikes Peak in Colorado, a 14,000ft mountain that spans 13 miles.  My life goal is to live to continue that tradition til there are no more climbs left.  Wishing you well along your journey, In good health~C. Paige Alexander, RN NCHC

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