Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bacon Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

     Time to Wrap it up!  What better way to celebrate lunch than with this Bacon Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap!  All the taste of comfort food yet the macros of health food.  Each Wrap is only 210 calories, 6.7g net carbs and 30.3g protein.  Add a bag of Quest Chips for only another 120 calories, 5g net carbs and another 21g protein.  You do the math on that powerhouse and you will see that's over FIFTY grams protein, ...I think you will know where your next meal is coming from!  ;)

Ingredients for 4 Wraps~
1/3 cup BRIANNAS Asiago Caesar Dressing
1 pound boneless skinless Chicken Breast
4 Low Carb La Tortilla Factory White Flour Shells
4 Tablespoons shredded Parmesan
4 slices cooked Turkey Bacon
1/2 Red Bell Peppers, sliced
4 leafs Romaine

     Marinate Chicken Breast over night or for several hours with BRIANNAS in ziplock bag, drain marinade and grill Chicken, remove and slice into thin slices, lay 4oz warm Chicken on each Low Carb Tortilla, top each with a Tablespoon Parmesan, then cooked Bacon slice, next Bell Pepper slices, and finish with Romaine.  Wrap it up and Enjoy  ;)

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