Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chicken Tortilla Soup

     Can I just start by saying that all good things are worth the effort!?  Such is the case with this lightened up Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Each serving is only 326 calories, 22g net carbs and 28g protein ( and that includes all the yummy topping of cheese, tortilla strips, and avocado).  Peek at my recipe to discover all my secrets, the taste test will prove you won't be missing a thing (especially all the extra fat).  Thick, rich and delicious is what you will find in every bowl!  If you haven't tried Whole Foods 365 brands, you are missing out!  Check out their Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes, and I'm in LOVE with their fresh chopped Garlic in Produce, well as everything else on my grocery list!  ;)

Ingredients for 11 servings (each serving is 1.5 cups soup topped with 1 Tablespoon White Onion, 1 Tablespoon shredded Cheddar, 1/8 diced Avocado, juice of 1/8 lime, Cilantro for garnish and 1/5 of an low carb tortilla)~
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 medium diced Yellow Onion
2 Tablespoons fresh chopped Garlic
Dash Cayenne
3oz or 1 cup shredded Carrots
8oz or 1 3/4 cup diced Celery
28oz 365 Whole Foods Organic Fire Roasted diced Tomatoes
42.5oz diced Tomatoes
15oz can Corn, drained
15oz can Black Beans, drained
16oz can fat free Refried Beans
8oz Hatch Diced Green Chiles
3 cups Water
1 Tablespoon Chicken Base or 3 Chicken Bouillon Cubes
1 teaspoon Cumin
1 teaspoon Chili Powder
1 teaspoon Hungarian Paprika
1 teaspoon Onion Powder
2 pounds boneless skinless Chicken Breasts
1 small peeled and diced white Potato (about 4-5 ounces)

Enough Toppings to satisfy 11 servings~
Low Carb Tortilla
EVOO spray Pam
Desired Tortilla Spices (Chili Powder, Cumin, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder)
Diced White Onion
Cheddar Cheese, grated

     Heat EVOO in bottom of large soup pan, add diced Onion, Garlic and Cayenne til golden brown.  Then add Carrots and Celery til softened, add Fire Roasted Tomatoes, diced Tomatoes, Corn, Black Beans, Re Fried Black Beans, Hatch Diced Green Chiles, Water, Chicken Base or Bouillon, Cumin, Chili Powder, Paprika and Onion Powder and stir til all blended and Bouillon dissolved while bringing to a simmer.  Add Chicken Breasts and diced Potato, continue simmer for 30 minutes.  Remove Chicken Breasts, and cool slightly, then shred Chicken with two forks and add back to pot (this is the easiest way to poach Chicken with simple two fork shredding, also the addition of the Re Fried Beans and small Potato adds a natural thickener and creaminess to the soup with great flavoring, voiding the need for a sour cream addition).  Meanwhile, spray Low Carb Tortilla with Pam EVOO and sprinkle with desired spices and lay on silpat lined cookie sheet.  Use Pizza Cutter to slice into thin strips and then cut in half.  Bake at 375 for 12 minutes or til golden brown.  Add  1.5 cups soup to bowl, top with 1 Tablespoon diced Onion, 1 Tablespoon Cheddar, 1/8 Avocado, squeeze of 1/8 Lime, Cilantro for garnish and 1/5 of the Tortilla strips.  Zip over to your local Whole Foods and fill your cart with all these great ingredients and enjoy a hot bowl of soup on a cold winters night!  :)

Disclaimer: I am a Whole Foods Market Blogger Ambassador and this post was inspired by their monthly themes and gift cards received to purchase ingredients for posts of my choosing. I am not compensated by Whole Foods Market for my blog posts and am free to post whatever I see fit to my own blog. 

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