Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday

     Football is so popular they decided to name a Sunday after it.  It's almost considered a National Holiday.  For many it is the most important day of the year, we are a people obsessed with the sport.  With that comes tradition, and with tradition comes food... and plenty of it.  However, with a little strategy of our own, we can make just the right play and end up with a win on our happy plates.  Keep in mind, over indulgence doesn't help your team score touchdowns (but it does make your padding thicker).  Also, the game is on the TV not next to the food table, don't have to take a knee but you do have to take a seat...away from the calories.  Hydration is key in any athletic performance, however eating is not a sport, but filling up on water will help keep you full longer.  Dehydration can be confused for hunger, don't risk your brain getting a muscle cramp.  Proper nutrition is key to endurance, so offer to bring a dish to share that will help the party go the distance.  Blow the whistle on weight gain by passing on seconds, intercept those spiraling thoughts.  Exercising a few healthy principles will allow your own personal cheering section to stand up and yell HURRAH, a stadium filled with healthy choices hold the happiest fans on earth!  I'm routing for you!  Now let's get out there America and enjoy the Half Time show, laugh and cry at society altering commercials, and may the best Seven Layer Dip..errr man...errr team win!  Cheers  ;)

Dip~ you don't have to give up flavor or fun.  With a few little tweaks you can have it all, and it all starts right here with my Healthy Seven Layer Dip!

The Honest Stand~if you like the idea of 10 calories per Tablespoon, loads of flavor, plant based, gluten free and dairy free, then I have found a line of Dips that will set your chip on fire!  Whole Foods carries this entire line of good for you goodness.  They use all natural, organic veggies and nuts to bring you convenient comfort foods made from plants.  Try the Nacho Cheese for an experience you won't soon forget!

Dip Holders~Chips, chips, many choices so few toppings.  When it comes to Tortilla Chips you can be a little picky with all the new healthy options.  Here are my top three picks!

1)  Make your own!!!  So simple to throw together a portion controlled amount in minutes, this way you have control over how much and what you are putting in your mouth!  Try this for a fun craft project in the kitchen!

2)  Siete Chips!  I have discovered a new line of Tortilla Chips at Whole Foods Market.  These are grain free, you may be skeptical at first, but they are smooth, crispy, light and refreshing.  Almost too good!  They are made of trustworthy ingredients: Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Ground Chia Seeds and Sea Salt.  Definitely worth giving a try, honestly you would never know the difference if there weren't labels on the package!

3) High Protein Tortilla Chips!  I know I know, save the eye rolls for your mother.  These are good!  And if there weren't labels on the outside you would never know whats on the inside.  If you are looking for a little healthier version of a guilt free chip, give these a try.  They tote the qualities you are looking for in a chip: gluten free, non GMO, soy free, organic, kosher and vegan...the perfect mate!  These organic beauties are not only high in protein, but fiber too, and I love that they are perfectly portioned.  And once they are toting a little dip you will never know the diff.  Find them on Amazon, and order some today!

Desserts !!!
There are all kinds of choices on my Blog to choose from.  Simply go to the right hand column and click on desserts, you could fill the day reading all my 1000 healthy dessert recipes.  But for now, how bout you start with my Super Chocolate Chips.  They are perfect for any Sunday, but especially when it revolves around Football!  Cheers  :)

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