Thursday, January 26, 2017

Simple Raspberry Sauce

     How can something so easy be so delicious!?  Dunno, but this is the 10th power!  You will be shocked at my Simple Raspberry Sauce, and did I mention it's sugar free!?  Shoulda....  And don't let me forget to fill you in on the macros that will blow your mind, this batch makes 1 1/2 cups, and each Tablespoon is only 8.5 calories, 1.4g net carbs and .2g protein.  Now your only job is to imagine all the things to spoon this delectable mouth watering sauce atop!

12oz bag frozen Raspberries, thawed
1/2 cup Lakanto Confectioners Monk Fruit~use code Paige20 at checkout for discount
1 teaspoon Cornstarch
1/2-1 teaspoon Lemon Zest

     Add all ingredients to small saucepan and stir til thoroughly combined.  Bring to simmer til thickened, about 3-5 minutes, remove and cool.  Store in fridge.  Enjoy  :)  PS.  Don't forgo the Lemon Zest, it is the wand that adds the magic to the sauce!  #perfection


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