Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fourth of July

     Oh those summer holidays, filled with fun and wonder.  Remember all those great adventures as a kid, being mesmerized by the fireworks and lightening bugs. Your dad cranking the ice cream machine by hand, then your uncle had to step in to help finish it off.  That was the one time of year my parents didn't mind us drinking soda, there was always a big iced tub filled with an eye "popping" assortment...and, if you dug deep enough there was always an Orange Crush waiting at the bottom (and Grape if you were really lucky) that water was cold...but worth it.  Holidays haven't changed much, but I have.  As an adult I've shifted towards celebrating with health goals in mind.  All things are possible if you want them bad enough, and I do, so I will.  Check out five of my healthy ideas to add to the party, and go home feeling satisfied!

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