Saturday, July 12, 2014

Balsamic Chicken and Bacon Salad

     I really outdid my self last night .... if I do say so myself !!!  Luckily what I dreamed up in my head came out like I had planned ... that's not always the case ...  :/   Moving on,... when you eat this conglomeration you will feel like you are passing the day away in some tree hugging California corner lunch spot with the sun shining warmly on your back.  These flavors dance together so perfectly that you will swear you hear music coming from your mouth with every bite !!! I hope you will give it a try  ;)

Ingredients( for 3-4 salads)~
Mixed Greens of your choice ( I used a blend of fresh Romaine, Butter, Kale and Baby Spinach Leaves)
Baked Sweet Potato, chilled over night in frig, and cubed
Large Fuji Apple, diced
1/2 Pound Turkey Bacon, cooked and crumbled ( please go to Fresh Market to purchase your Turkey Bacon from the Meat Counter.  This is indescribable, and is so lean it barely produces fat when cooked)
3/4-1 pound Chicken Breast, diced
1 Large Yellow Onion, diced
1 Tablespoon EVOO
1 heaping teaspoon chopped jarred Garlic
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
3-4 Green Onions, diced
Reduced Fat Feta Cheese
Balsamic Glaze
Salt and Pepper to taste

     Fill your salad plates with mixed greens.  Top with diced Sweet Potatoes, then add diced Apples.  Meanwhile, if you have a cast iron skillet then use that, otherwise fry your Turkey Bacon in skillet till cooked, remove and crumble, set aside.  Using same skillet, add diced onion and garlic to hot skillet.  Add one Tablespoon EVOO if Turkey Bacon has not produced any fat.  The Turkey Bacon from Fresh Market is so lean you will have to add EVOO for the onions.  Cook until golden brown, about 20 minutes.  Then add diced Chicken and Balsamic Vinegar to cook chicken and cook off Vinegar.  When done, dived Chicken among salad plates, then top with Bacon crumbles.  Then finish off salad by topping with  Green Onions, Blackberries, and Feta.  Finish it by swirling with Balsamic Glaze in a pretty pattern.  Prepare to have your mind blown !!!  Enjoy  ;)

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