Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blueberry Lemon Cobbler

     I have now completed my Crisp Cobbler fruit experiment conquest, and I have to say I LOVE them ALL !!!  So, I will be awarding four 1st place winners  for the Best Cobbler !!!  I did come to realize that of the four berries ( and peach) I tried, the Blueberry had the highest carbs of all, and even then it's not that bad.  I usually like the protein higher than or equal to the carbs.  This recipe has higher carbs, but not by much.  But since I like them all, I will probably go with one of the lower carb versions next time!  As for the Blueberry, there are 8 servings with each serving having 158 calories, 15g carbs and 11g protein.

2 Lemon Quest Bars
1.5 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, melted
1.5 scoops Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder
2 packets Truvia/Stevia
Dash Cinnamon
Dash Vanilla
1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oatmeal
Blueberry Greek Light&Fit Yogurt for topping, if desired

     Bake Quest Bars at 400 for 6-7 minutes, or until golden brown.  Remove and pat flat while warm.  Cool and crumble with fingers til fine as possible.  Mix berries with half Tablespoon melted Coconut Oil and sprinkle with half scoop Protein Powder, one packet Truvia, Cinnamon and Vanilla, then pour into Pam sprayed baking dish.  Mix crumbed Bars, remaining Coconut Oil, Oats, Cinnamon, other packet of Truvia and Vanilla and sprinkle over top of Berries.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until golden brown, remove and serve with yogurt topping if desired.  Enjoy  ;)

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