Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pepperoni and Cheese Nacho's

     If you are hankering for a light snack this Holiday weekend, turn to some Pepperoni and Cheese Nacho's!!!  Of course, you will start by making your own Tortilla Chips and save ALOT of fat and calories and carbs in the process!!!  In fact, there are only 150 calories, 3g carbs and 16g protein!!!  :)

1 Mama Lupe Tortilla
Seasoning Salt of your preference
8 Turkey Pepperoni
1 Babybel Mozzarella Wheel
Cilantro Leaves
Diced Tomato

     Spray Tortilla with EVOO Pam, then sprinkle with seasoning salt, and divide into 8 equal parts.  Microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds on Microwave chip tray.  Cool.  Meanwhile, divide cheese into 8 equal parts and put on top of Pepperoni, heat in microwave til softened.  Place on top of cooled Tortilla, and add Cilantro Leaves and diced Tomato.  Enjoy  :)

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