Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sweet Chili Chicken Pasta with Sugar Snap Peas

     This is so simple and delicious, I just love being able to throw together a quick meal with wonderful left overs from the fridge!  Using some extra Whole Wheat Pasta on hand, it is easy to add a veggie and a protein and make it a perfectly balanced healthy hearty meal.  Did you know that 2oz of dry pasta is equal to one cup cooked pasta!?  That makes it very easy to measure the amount you need for any single recipe.  And believe me, you don't NEED more that one cup of pasta!!!  Try this out for 380 calories, 48g carbs and 33g protein!  ;)

2oz dry or 1 cup cooked Whole Wheat Pasta
4oz Grilled Chicken Breast
1 1/3 cup steamed Sugar Snap Peas
1 Tablespoon Sweet Chili Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

     Place cooked pasta in bowl, top with steamed Sugar Snap Peas, then sliced Grilled Chicken and finish by drizzling Sweet Chili Sauce on top! Salt and Pepper to taste.  Enjoy  ;)

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