Friday, March 7, 2014

Adult Grilled PB&J for 160 calories

     This has got to be my greatest invention to date !!!! ( insert pat on the back ) My daughter spotted Smuckers Reduced Sugar Jelly the other day and so we picked it up and decided to give it a try. Not bad for reduced sugar at only 20 calories a Tablespoon compared to regular jelly at 50 calories a Tablespoon. So combine that with your PB2 and you have a nice little Sandwich on your "hands"( pun intended) !!!  I was lucky to have gotten a picture of this before I took a bite, it was so tempting ... and it didn't last long after the photo shoot ended!!!  YUMMY  ;) 

1 Tablespoon Skim Milk or Almond Milk ( 30 cal/cup)
2 Tablespoons PB2
1 Tablespoon Reduced Sugar Jelly OR if you have fresh sliced strawberries on hand just use those in place of jelly.
Dash Cinnamon
Dash Vanilla
2 Slices 45 calorie Sara Lee Wheat Bread
Spray Butter

     Spray one side of each of the slices of bread while your Pam coated skillet is heating.  Mix 1 Tablespoon milk with 2 Tablespoons PB2, dash cinnamon, and dash of Vanilla~mixture will be stiff. After mixing, lay one of the slices of bread in the skillet butter side down.  Pat out your PB2 mixture with your fingers into a square to match your bread and lay it on the bread in the skillet.  Spread the Tablespoon of Jelly on your other slice of bread and put it on top of the Peanut Butter slice already in the skillet. After toasted to a golden brown, flip and toast the other side!!!  Good luck getting this to the plate before consumption !!!  Enjoy  ;)

Nutritional Stats are pretty good on this number~ 160 calories, 23 gms carbs, 10 gms protein.  If you wanted to up the protein, you could add a little protein powder to the Peanut Butter mixture.

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