Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is all Chocolate created equal!? :0

     Among my favorite things in life, Chocolate is certainly near the top of the list ... if not THE TOP of the list ( sorry honey, but its true)!!!  So in my quest for perfection in the Chocolate arena, I set out to find the BEST unsweetened cocoa on the market.  I have been using Hershey's Special Dark in all my recipes for the past several years and have been completely satisfied with the outcome. However, a few weeks ago I go into a cocoa discussion which prompted me to do a little research on this important matter of global significance !!!  While I was surfing the internet for enlightenment, I came across a brand of Chocolate that I was not familiar with ( probably because its from Belgium), and it had rave reviews.  So I took out a loan and ordered a 2.2# bag from Amazon for 24.95 ( plus 8.50 shipping) and decided to do my own blind taste test!  I have been waiting a week for my little bundle of joy to arrive and this morning I found my package waiting for me on my front step, I felt like it was Christmas morning in March !!!  I grabbed that sucker off the porch, ran into the house and tore that clear packing tape to shreds in seconds!!! When I excitedly folded back the cardboard opening I think I heard the heavens part and the angels sing !!!  Amazing the effects a little brown powder can have on a girl !!!  I knew my husband hadn't left for the office yet, so I thought I could still have time to whip together a couple fresh cups of home made cocoa and do the taste test that very morning~ Super Woman sprang into action and here is my recipe, with test result to follow :

2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Tablespoon Coconut Sugar
Pinch of Salt
Dash of Cinnamon
Dash of Vanilla
1 Cup Almond Milk ( 30 cal/cup)

     Whisk together cocoa, sugar, salt, cinnamon, vanilla, and about 2 Tablespoons milk in small saucepan over medium low heat until thoroughly combined and sugar is dissolved. Whisk in rest of milk til heated thru~ Stir and Enjoy !!!

Epilogue~ My husband and I found that both tasted terrific, and not much difference!  However, that Callebaut Cocoa did prove to be MUCH smoother, velvet, creamier flow to it as slithered down my gullet !!!  So, for special occasions the Callebaut is definitely a treat, but on a day to day basis, the Special Dark Hershey's will do just fine !!!  Either way, how can you go wrong with a warm mug of rich dark cocoa !?  Life is good  ;)

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