Sunday, March 9, 2014

Veganaise~ once you try it you will never go back to Mayo

    Lets be clear, I ain't no Vegan ... BUT, I am intelligent enough when suggestions come my way to give them a try!  Such is the case with Vegenaise!  I was introduced to this delicious eggless substitute, and while hesitant, my curiosity got the best of me!  Not to mention, it has less saturated fat and cholesterol than the regular stuff, as well as no additives or preservatives!  Its tag line is "It's Better than Mayo" and I couldn't agree more !!!  I made a delightful Sandwich that I split with the Hubs and we both agreed you couldn't tell the difference and I even felt it tasted better!  Think of all the things we put Mayo in that you could substitute with Veganaise for a healthier outcome. My lunch was with a 90 calorie Slim Bun, Romaine Leaf, Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese, Lean Turkey Meat, and finished off with the Vegenaise~ a true delight! My friend, Dr. Christy, who introduced me to this wonderful product had this to say~"All of my experiements-er-friends look at my purple topped jar with suspicion and mistrust.  Some walk out of the kitchen when I tell them, throw away your mayo!  But I have yet to have anyone not eat the sandwich when presented to them! Basically, it has less saturated fat.  And its not made with scary chemicals!  And no animal products.  On the grapeseed variety, it mentions raising one's good cholesterol level via the grapeseed oil.  But the big picture is that it is a healthier choice, and no matter how small the change, any healthy change you make will start to add up"  I couldn't agree with her more and am grateful to have this new addition in my repertoire.  I hope you will feel the urge to make the change as well!!!  In good health~paige  ;)

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