Monday, June 16, 2014

Cream Cheese Ho Ho's

     This will take you straight back to your childhood sack lunch!!!  How happy were you sitting in the grocery cart on Saturday mornings when your mom turned down the snack aisle and dropped that Hostess box in the cart !!!??? ...  cause you knew those puppies were going to end up in your belly M-F at noon ...I would watch the clock just waiting for the lunch bell to ring!  I couldn't rip into that brown paper bag  fast enough, AND ( sorry mom) I made sure to eat those suckers FIRST ... chips next, then sandwich, and the crust last, if at all ...the fruit may or may not have been traded off to a nerd willing to make a deal ...  ;)  This 3 ingredient HoHo is so fast, simple and delicious that it will become part of your regular routine, and all for 226 calories, 4g carbs, and 26g protein.  Now you can even feed them to your children guilt free, feel like a kid again and eat up  ;)

1 Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar
1 Laughing Cow Cream Cheese
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Protein Powder

     Spray Silpat liner with Pam Butter and microwave unwrapped bar for 15-20 seconds and pat into large rectangle.  Meanwhile, stir together Cream Cheese and Protein Powder and spread on cooled bar.  Roll up tightly and bake at 400 for 4-6 minutes.  Enjoy warm or chilled ;)

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