Friday, February 6, 2015

Honey Barbeque Pulled Pork

     You don't have to wait til Summer or 4th of July to enjoy good down home Pulled Pork!!!  With Honey Barbeque Sauce you can throw this simple masterpiece together in minutes and enjoy when it's time to eat!!!  For those of you that love your crock pot, this recipe will fill your heart with crock pot praise!!!  Plan this for your next busy day and come home to enjoy perfection!!!  Enjoy  :)

Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast, desired size (mine was 4-5 pounds)
1 medium Yellow Onion, sliced
1~19oz Honey Barbeque Sauce ( I like Sweet Baby Ray's)

     Spray inside of crock pot with Pam, place Pork Shoulder inside, pour enough Barbeque Sauce on top to coat, finish by laying sliced Onions on top.  Cook on low for 8 hours or til easily falls apart, cook longer is necessary.  When done, drain liquid off Roast, and shred meat in crock pot.  Once shredded, pour additional Barbeque Sauce on top til fully coated.  Serve on a bun, or tortilla or simply on your plate and garnish with more Barbeque Sauce, if desired.  Enjoy  ;)

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