Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sugar~Friend or Foe!? Plus, 13 lucky tips ;)

     If you are one of those people who go to weddings for the chic in white with veiled face vs wondering how soon we can cut the cake, all the while strategizing  your second (or third, fourth, or fifth) piece while eating your first, ...this article is not for you.... so move on, ...we don't like you anyway...!!!
      Ever since I can remember, sugar has been my first love.  Someone asked me once if I was stranded on a desert island would you rather be left with Tom Selleck or an unlimited supply of chocolate chips cookies... that was a no brainer, sorry Tom, no offense.  As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday, the strength of my little legs was all that stood between me and open season on an endless supply of candy...the mere reason for bearing children was to be able to continue to Trick or Treat.  "I don't care if my child is only 3 months old wrapped in swaddling clothes lady, just hand over the loot"!!! Years later I'm filled with shame when reflecting upon the encouraging words thrown at my small children, "C'mon kids, just one more block, you can do it, quit crying, no I'm not carrying you, at 7 you can walk, just a few more miles, etc...".  I can proudly say that I have put the past behind me now and did not have one piece of candy this year.  Of course, we have a few rules in my house, the first being, NO CANDY IS PURCHASED UNTIL HALLOWEEN EVE!!!  After the lights go out, the Hubs is ordered to hide any left overs from my sight, and get rid of it the next day.
     You have to understand something here, I have STRUGGLED with a sugar addiction all my life.  I no longer want to be in bondage to sugar and have had to structure my life around the harsh reality of  a bonafide "sugar addict".  You might ask yourself if you too would fall into this category.  Ever since the book, "Sugar Blues" came out in 1975, researchers have debated whether sugar really can trigger an addiction's "gotta have it and have it now" response.  Now it seems it really does, and I can personally attest to that phenomenon.  It's painful, it's uncomfortable, it's filled with anxiety and it interfere's in every aspect of your life. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say mice will cross an electrified zone to get to sugar even when they're completely full, and getting that sugar high stimulates the same brain regions that are associated with good lovin' and bad drugs.  Does any of this sound familiar to you!?  If so, I would sincerely love to share some of the things that have helped me to get off of sugar and on to a life filled with inner peace, hope and the ability to focus on things other than my next sugar binge.

1) White knuckle thru 3 days completely off sugar and see the dramatic reduction in cravings.  It won't be easy but it will be worth it and you can do hard things.  THIS TRULY WORKS
2) Increase the Protein in your diet.
3) Decrease the Carbs in your diet.
4) When cravings hit hard, opt for a piece of Sugar Free Mint Gum.  It's a life saver!!!
5) Pop a handful of nuts and watch your cravings magically fade.
6) Go for a walk, exercise curbs appetite and cravings.
7) Substitute sugar for a plant based sweetener, stevia or erythritol.  They do not affect a rise in blood sugar and therefore should not trigger a sugar binge.  I am in love with Swerve granular or confectioners style erythritol, found at your local market or online at
8) Experiment with many of my Sugar Free desserts on my blog at http://foodfitnessbypaige.blogspot .com.  I enjoy desserts every single day, some times twice a day with out any nasty addiction effects.
9) Have you heard of Quest Bars!?  Of course you have, silly question!  Those curb a sweet tooth six days a week and twice on Sunday!  It's a very safe solution to a sugar filled dessert.
10) Have you heard of Quest Chips!?  Of course you have, silly question!  Pop something salty in your mouth and a lot of times that will kill a sweet urge.
11) Recognize that as time passes your taste buds will change and you will enjoy a sweeter satisfaction from naturally sweet foods, such as dates, fruit, sweet potatoes.  For example, a wonderful treat can be  half a baked sweet potato chilled and topped with a handful of crushed walnuts.  Or enjoy my Double Chocolate Protein Fudge recipe on my Blog for a sugar free treat.  Voila'
12) Discover the improved new world of sugar free chocolate.  I have fallen under the spell of two brands that knock my socks off~ Amberlyn Sugar Free Chocolate and Lilys Sugar Free Chocolate.
13) On my life, it is easier not to take the first bite than to deal with a potential uncontrollable urge to start and not stop until you have made yourself sick.

     I hope you have found this article helpful.  I love sharing and wish you the benefit of my experience and wisdom.  Please feel free to share any tricks you have found to overcome the ill effects of sugar, I would sincerely enjoy your feedback!  In good health~paige  RN NCHC  :)

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