I will be reporting on Health issues in this area of the blog.  As I research topics such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Vitamins, Sleep, etc, I will be posting about my finds. And, If there are topics you would like to be explored, please feel free to send me a request !!!  Stay tuned  ;)

Out to Lunch !!! ~

  Not only is it OKAY to go out for lunch, you SHOULD go out to lunch on occasion with friends!!! Psychological studies have proven that there are great health benefits to socialization, strong family ties and meaningful relationships ~ we are basically just happier people when we are with the people we love.  Happier people are healthier people, from reduced blood pressure to increased levels of serotonin~ the list goes on and on!
     It's also easy to navigate the restaurant scene with a few simple steps:
1) Know ahead where you are going!
2) Look on line at the menu and nutritional information.
3) Decide ahead of time what your meal will be after comparing nutritional stats.
4) Stick to your plan and enjoy yourself, focusing on relationships and not just the food.
5) Eat slowly, drink water between bites, and set your silverware down while you chew.
6) Work any extra calories into your daily totals by having a lighter breakfast or dinner.

     Don't let your time with friends sabotage your progress and lifestyle! It's possible to enjoy both things at one time and be a healthier happier you !!! ��
     Panera is a great choice for lunch with many healthy choices to choose from. Today I ordered a Thai Chicken Salad for 490 calories, 39 gms protein, and 35 net carbs.  That's more calories than I would typically have at lunch, but I had a lighter breakfast and mid morning snack, and late afternoon snack of a small orange or a 110 calorie Medifast Bar! With a little planning it can all fit easily into your day, that being said I usually try to spend time with friends centered around physical activity, and walks are a perfect time to visit and catch up.  By the way,  I chose an apple for my side versus their yummy bread or chips! Yeah for me ;)

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