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I am a Certified Health Coach, as well as having a Bachelors in the Science of Nursing. I am not a Nutritionist but have tried every diet known to man, and have become somewhat of an expert thru the school of "hard knocks"!!!  I focus on a low carb way of eating, but I also believe in the traditional methods of calories in vs calories out.  Everyone has to figure out the best appraoch for success when it comes to dieting, weight loss, and weight management.  Please feel free to contact me for further details about Online Support for your weight loss and weight maintenance needs! In good health~ paige ☺️

Regardless of what program you are following for weight loss or weight management, here are a few things I know for sure:
1) You HAVE to be ORGANIZED !!!! If you fail to plan you plan to fail !!!  EVERYTIME
2) Know what you are eating the next day before you go to bed at night!!!
3) Do as much prep work on your food ahead of time as possible, if you wait til your hungry you are more apt to make poor choices.
4) Understand how to calorie count and buy a food scale to aid in portion control.
5) When cooking, choose baked, broiled, steamed or grilled for preparation.
6) Don't forget to drink your water !
7) Mint gum can be your best friend and is the perfect appetite quencher!
8) Continue to be active, you don't have to kill yourself in the gym, but get a move on!
9) Increased Muscle Mass = Increased Metabolism
10) Make a grocery list of what you will need all week and only go to the store once, and don't go when you are hungry! Once home, chop and prep a HUGE salad that will last all week so its easy to grab when hunger strikes.  I make a gigantic bowl of 3 heads of Romaine, Baby Spinach leaves, Cilantro, Baby Carrots, Green Onions and Peppers.  This combo stays nice all week with out getting wet or limp.
11) Never leave home with out a little stash in your purse, i.e. a protein bar, apple and cheese stick, protein shake, baby carrots, etc.
12) Sugar is the Devil~stick to High Protein High Fiber meals for the longest satisfaction! Carbs cause cravings !!!!
13) Journal if that helps!
14) Have a weight loss buddy, and a work out buddy!
15) Go to support meetings if available.
16) Eat as close to the same thing every day while dieting, its proven you will eat less.
17) Eat 6 times a day~thats the best thing you can do for your body !!!  It will LOVE you for it !!!  Or if Intermittent Fasting fits your lifestyle better, and it is successful for then by all means take that route.
18) Clean your environment of toxic foods~ so long Oreo's !!!
19) Ask your family, co workers and loved ones for support~avoid food sabatogers~they will be lurking in every corner and will be intimidated by your success.
20) Make a list of things to do when you might be bored, so eating is not top on the list!  Catch up on old magazines, read a book, go for a walk, check Facebook, text a friend to say hi and catch up, call your mom, look for healthy recipes on line or cruise around http://foodfitnessbypaige.blogspot.com  ;)

   Feel free to contact me with any additional tips that you would like to share with others and I will be glad to pass it on !!!Also, if you have any Health topics you would like to see covered, please let me know !!!  Contact me at foodfitnessbypaige@gmail.com  :)


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  2. I work 3rd shift and how do I manage weight loss eating at night working 12 hour shifts

    1. That’s a great question, I’m a nurse myself but only worked 1st and 2nd shift when i worked at the hospital. Regardless of your work schedule, the same principles apply. You will just adjust your times to the hours you are awake, does that make sense? Start eating within an hour after getting up and every 2-3 hours after that, breaking up your calories evenly between meals. Or if you have a heavier meal, make up with a lighter snack. And i am a proponent of a higher protein lower carb lifestyle. Hope that helps 💜


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