Everyone needs a night out now and then!!! You deserve it and it's good for you!!! That being said, it's important to do your homework !!! You want to be able to enjoy yourself and come home feeling good about yourself~ so here are a few night on the town tips:
1) research the restaurants online menu and have a plan before you get there!
2) plan to take half home for a fun lunch tomorrow !
3) order a salad with dressing on the side or a vinaigrette, hold the croutons!
4) split the entree' with your date! And if you have to have dessert, definitely split that!
5) order baked, broiled, grilled and steamed !
6) if Mexican is a must~ order a side salad without cheese the minute you sit down and keep your sticky fingers out of the chips til the salad comes. Pour a bowl of salsa on your salad and crumble 4 or 5 chips on top and enjoy the heck out of your delicious chips and salsa salad!!! I do this all the time and don't feel deprived in any way. I still get ALL the flavor for a fraction of the calories. You won't be sorry when you leave, ... But your friend who ate the basket of chips plus a dinner will !!! When the other meals arrive, I'm pretty close to full...but have been known to sneak a few sample bites from my family. ;) winning
7) portion control is really just good common sense when eating out, so just slow down and enjoy the new flavors, remember to drink your water between bites, and set your silverware down while you chew! It's not a race~Enjoy

    In good health, paige ☺️

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