Sunday, August 31, 2014

13 Lucky reasons for a good nights rest !!!

     Is there anything better than a good nights sleep !!!???  We have all heard the "how to" list on sleeping better.  Keep a routine of bed time and getting up (even on the weekends), keep your bedroom dark and cool, don't use brightly lit electronics when trying to go to sleep, turn off cell phones when it's time to go to sleep,  and reading is a good sedative. The goal is to get 6-8 hours a night. So, why all the fuss about sleep!?  Whelp, here's my lucky 13 reasons why~

1) Sleep improves your memory.
2) Sleep extends your lifespan.
3) Sleep boosts your creativity.
4) Sleep strengthens your immune system.
5) Sleep reduces your risk for depression.
6) Sleep improves your physical performance.
7) Sleep sharpens your attention.
8) Sleep reduces your stress.
9) Sleep helps your body heal itself.
10) Sleep helps you lose weight.
11) Sleep makes you more alert.
12) Sleep makes you a nicer person.
13) Sleep increases your desire to exercise.

 Night all !!!  In good health~paige  ;)

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