Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tofu Pepper Mango Scramble with Hatch Green Chili's

     Hatch Green Chili week continues here at Food Fitness by Paige!!!  And boy am I thankful that the week isn't over quite yet !!!  This combo this morning really made my taste buds sing to the heavens!!!  I am experimenting a tad with Tofu, so I hope you will expand your horizons too and give it a whirl!  This is the perfect high protein, low card start to my day .... think I will have it tomorrow too ... ;)

Spray Pam EVOO
Diced Onion, desired amount
1 small Red Bell Pepper
Kale, torn into small pieces, desired amount
Dash Salt
Dash Pepper
2 oz Tofu Cutlet
1/2 cup Egg Whites
Diced and seeded Hatch Green Chili's, desired amount
1/2 oz slice Brie Cheese
3 slices Mango or Peach

     Spray skillet with EVOO Pam, add onions and cook to light golden brown.  Then add diced Red Bell Pepper and Kale til  Pepper crisp tender and Kale slightly wilted, sprinkle with Salt and Pepper.  Add diced Tofu and Hatch Chili's, stir and add Egg Whites, scramble til Egg's are thoroughly cooked. Transfer to plate and top with Brie slice and Mango slices.  Enjoy  ;)

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