Monday, February 27, 2017

Blueberry Goat Cheese Salad

     One of my favorite things is warm chicken in a cool salad...hey, we all have our things and this happens to be one of mine!  What I love about this Blueberry Goat Cheese Salad is that it is perfect for any Season (warm or cool...#seewhatIdidthere).  And, if you have never experienced roasted Sweet Potatoes in a salad you are really missin' out...and, it's time to change that...right now.  Consider this large bowl 6-8 servings, and keep in mind how hungry you are and if you are in the mood to share... or not!  ;)

Ingredients for 6-8 servings~
2 large Sweet Potatoes, skinned and diced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, enough to drizzle on diced Potatoes (approx 2-3 Tablespoons)
2 pounds boneless skinless Chicken Breast, diced
1/4 cup Kraft Lite Italian Roasted Red Pepper, plus more for dressing
Large plastic container of Baby Kale, approx 5oz
Large plastic container of Arugula, approx 5oz
6oz fresh Blueberries
4oz Goat Cheese, crumbled
1/4 cup slivered Almonds
2 Green Onions, diced

     Put skinned diced Sweet Potatoes on large foil lined cookie sheet, drizzle with enough Olive Oil to lightly coat, toss together for full coverage.  Bake at 450 for 45-50 minutes, flip half way thru cooking time.  Meanwhile, add diced Chicken to skillet along with 1/4 cup dressing, and heat til cooked thru.  In large Salad bowl, add Kale and Arugula, toss til combined.  Top with cooked diced Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries, Goat Cheese, Almonds and Green Onions.  Season with Salt and Pepper if desired, and dress with extra Italian if desired (dressing not necessary depending on how you like your Salad).  Enjoy  :)

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