Monday, October 12, 2015

Apple Pie Bundt Cake

     I know that Fall is Apple Season, ...BUT... I love Apples so much I eat them every day all year round!  Every Season is Apple Season in my book, and Fuji's are my all time favorite.  There are some designer hybrids out there, but I'm just a basic gal that thrives in routine (code for boring).  So pick your favorite, and whip up a Apple Pie Bundt Cake.  Each of the 8 pieces are only 188 calories, 8g net carbs, and 15g protein.  And if you really want a treat, try having a piece for breakfast!  ;)

Ingredients for 8 pieces~
8oz diced Fuji Apples, separated in half
1/2 cup 25 cal/cup Cashew Milk
1/3 cup Coconut Oil, melted
1 Extra Large Egg
6oz 0% Fage Yogurt
1 scoop Quest Salted Caramel Protein Powder
1/3 cup Coconut Flour
1/3 cup Lakanto Monk Fruit~use code Paige20 at checkout for discount
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/4 teaspoon Salt
Dash Cinnamon
Dash Vanilla
1 Quest Apple Pie Quest Bar, diced
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1/2 scoop Quest Salted Caramel Protein Powder
1/4 cup 25 cal/cup Cashew Milk
1 teaspoon Lakanto Confectioners Monk Fruit~use code Paige20 at checkout for discount (more if you like it sweeter)
1 teaspoon Coconut Flour
1 Tablespoon Dried Diced Bob's Red Mill Apples
Bundt Cake Pan
Wire Cooling Rack

     Add 4oz diced Fuji Apples and 1/2 cup Cashew Milk to Magic Bullet or blender and whip til smooth and thoroughly blended, pour in large bowl.  Add other half of diced Apple, Coconut Oil, Egg, Fage Yogurt, Salted Caramel Protein Powder, Coconut Flour, Granular Erythritol, Baking Powder, Salt, Cinnamon, and Vanilla and stir til well incorporated, fold in diced Apple Pie Bar and pour into Pam sprayed Bundt Pan.  Bake at 375 for 40 minutes.  Remove and flip onto wire cooling rack.  Meanwhile, mix all ingredients in second set of ingredient except Dried Diced Apples, when cake is cooled, drizzle Icing around top of cake and sprinkle wet Icing with the Dried Diced Apples.  Enjoy :)

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