Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cream Cheese Chicken

     It's good to have friends, especially those that are as interested in nutritious food and healthy cooking as I am.  My friend, Joyce, told me about her version of the most extreme moist crock pot Chicken that I have ever tasted.  You won't believe how easy this is and how delicious it is plain or decked out burrito style... choose your poison!  Or let creativity be your guide, make your own twist and create something completely outrageous.  Time to get your Chicken on!

2.5 pounds skinless boneless Chicken Breasts (I used 3 large Breasts)
1 packet of dry Ranch seasoning
4oz 1/3 reduced fat Cream Cheese
1 jar Banana Peppers

     Line Crock Pot with disposable liner and add Chicken Breasts, sprinkle with packet of dry Ranch mix, break Cream Cheese into 3 equal portions and rest on top of each Breast.  Pour rine of Banana Peppers jar over Chicken, using as much as desired (I used about 2-4 Tablespoons), then add as many Banana Peppers as desired on top of Chicken.  Add lid and cook on low for 8 hours, shred Chicken in Crock Pot and stir all together til well combined.  Use as a main dish, or create a Burrito using a low carb tortilla, refried beans, Spinach leaves, Cream Cheese Chicken, Tomato, Salsa, Green Onions, Avocado and Cilantro.  Let your imagination be your guide.  Enjoy  :)

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