Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

     Who doesn't love a little Ben and a little Jerry every once in a while!?  Those guys are the best ... however, have you looked at the calorie count on those dudes!?  YIKES!!!  Anyhoo, I have the next best thing to offer for a fraction of the calories and all the flavor for about 175 calories, 35g net carbs, and 2.5g protein...hello large volume of luscious ice cream!  The best thing is you don't even taste the banana, it just tastes like a vanilla base.  Feel free to experiment with many different combo's with frozen sliced banana.  The best banana tip I can give you is that the more ripe the sweeter the flavor, in fact if you can get them to the slightly brown skin stage that would be optimal. :)

Sliced medium frozen banana~ I make sure to freeze in a single layer so they easily grind in Magic Bullet/Blender
6 frozen pitted and halved Sweet Dark Cherries
1 teaspoon Sugar Free Chocolate Chips ( I use Lily's)
6 Tablespoons 25 cal/cup Cashew or Almond Milk
Stevia or Erythritol, if desired for extra sweetness

     Whip all ingredients in Magic Bullet and enjoy  ;)

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