Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How many carbs and proteins should I have every day!?

     Today I had the good fortune to listen to a webcast by "Health Queens" and picked up some great information that backs up exactly what I already believe.  Eating healthy can be hard enough without worrying about knowing how many carbs and protein we should be eating every day.  Its EXHAUSTING !!!  Regardless, we still have a responsibility to adopt healthy eating patterns.  As we strive to improve our diets, we will begin to develop new improved habits.  Habit puts willpower on autopilot.  Changes in lifestyle and behavior can be tough in the beginning, but become effortless when you turn them into a habit. That being said, below is a good chart that will help you place yourself in the correct category for daily intake.  There is a vast variance due to health and activity levels from person to person.  I personally think carbs are the devil and encourage most people to stay around 85-100 carbs per day for optimal health ( this is my personal opinion based on my own experience). Protein can turn into carbs during digestive breakdown, but carbs can never turn into proteins. That being said, I strive to keep my proteins higher than or equal to my carb intake.  My favorite examples of healthy carbs are sweet potato, oatmeal, brown or wild rice, and fruit ( be ware that some fruits are extremely high in carbohydrates and should be eaten in moderation, think banana for example.  Berries and apples are super choices).  Also, beans, vegetables and low fat dairy are great sources of healthy carbs. PS  just another plug for exercise if you are a carboholic, move more to carb more ...  ;)

     Lastly, If you want to lose fat, build muscle, or just be a healthy, well-functioning human being then you have to be aware that protein intake plays a crucial role in allowing all of that to happen properly!  Protein is essential for building and repairing things, ... kinda important.  Protein helps with losing fat when eating a sufficient daily amount by preserving your muscle and burning fat instead, a KEY DIETARY FACTOR !!!  Secondly, research clearly shows that protein is by far and away the most filling macronutrient.  If you want to be satiated, eat protein !!!  If you like the idea of controlling your hunger, curbing your appetite, and staying full and satisfied, then protein is your best friend!!!  Lastly, protein has the largest thermic effect of all the macronutrients, in simple terms it requires the most energy to digest.  Did you realize your body actually burns calories during the digestive process, yep its true !!!  Of course, just increasing your daily protein intake alone won't create enough of an extra calorie burn to cause significant and sustained fat loss, but it will help.  To finish, if building muscle is your goal, without enough protein, your body just can NOT ( and will not) build muscle.  So how much protein do I need on a daily basis!?  I heard a simple calculation today that gives us the answer.  Multiply your weight by .7-1.1 and that will give you your daily requirement in grams per day.  For example, I weight 123 pounds~ so that means I need 87.5-137.5 grams of protein a day.  Pretty much where I was already hanging out, but love the reinforced data !!!  So, if protein isn't your best friend by now, then I haven't done a very good job !!!  In fact, I love protein so much that I wouldn't mind buying a charm bracelet with a chicken breast dangling from my cuff !!!  Examples of excellent protein choices would be white fish, white chicken meat, turkey breast, egg whites, lowfat cottage cheese, almonds, soy beans, protein powders ( check your labels) and some protein bars ( look at your labels for hidden sugars).  A great tip I picked up this morning is to start your day with 30 grams of protein with in the first 30 minutes of arising.  While I get about 30 grams in my first meal, I don't always get to the kitchen in the first 30 minutes, but usually within the hour.  Hope this article helped you out, and please feel free to contact me with any questions !!!  I would love to hear from you~ In good health, paige  ;)

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