Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Cucumber Shrimp Guacamole


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     If you are looking for a fun new twist on yum, keep reading!  This is so simple, and versatile at the same time...and did I mention beautiful and fun to make!?  This comes together so fast it will make you chuckle, this might even be one that the kids can get involved with.  So your biggest hurdle will be deciding if this is an appetizer, light lunch, or part of a salad!?  You just can't go wrong with any direction you go with this one! :)






Lime Juice

Chopped Onion

Seasoning as desired (I used a pinch of Lite Salt and Garlic Powder)

Chopped Cilantro

     Slice your Cucumber to desired thickness, set aside.  Meanwhile, add desired amount of shelled raw Shrimp and desired amount of Salsa in a skillet, heat til Shrimp is pink and cooked thru.  Lastly, add ripe Avocado, Lime Juice, Onion and Seasoning to bowl and mash til well incorporated.  When ready, add desired amount of Guacamole to top of Cucumber slice, then add a Shrimp on top, and garnish with Cilantro, and any other garnish you desire.  Enjoy ;)

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