Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Authentic Mexican Tacos

     You know those experiments that turn out so well it makes you happy that you were born!?  Case in point, my friend Candy shared her mothers Authentic Mexican Taco recipe and I could not have been happier, ...thank you Senorita!  So simple, so delicious, so gunna make it again and again!  I hope you will get the cultural bug and try this out and experience how fun international cooking can be!  Ole'

~Lean thin Steak, diced into cubes (she says she gets the cheapest Steak they have and it needs to be  somewhat thin, better to dice with.  I used Sirloin, or even a flank would be good.  I also cheated and  bought the pre cubed Steak in the meat department.  Ask your butcher for help if necessary.  I bought  a couple of pounds for a large crowd)
~Limes (enough Limes to cut in half and marinate the meat.  Again I cheated and used store bought  Lime Juice and used a little of both)
~Fresh Chopped Garlic or Garlic Powder, as desired to taste
~Salt, as desired to taste
~1 Bunch Cilantro, remove leaves from stems
~1 Sweet Vidalia Onion, finely chopped
~Guacamole or sliced Avocado (check out my famous Guac on my blog under "Guacamole Grilled  Habanero Chicken" recipe~
~Salsa (I use my "Homemade Salsa" on the blog~
 Soft Corn or Flour or Low Carb Shells (check in your local area for a Tortillery Shop that makes soft  Shells in house, sooooo worth the extra effort.  I am willing to have my carbs in homemade authentic  White Flour or Corn Soft Shells every once in a while as part of the experience)

     Marinate Steak, Lime Juice, Garlic and Salt in sealed bag or container for 24 hours, stirring or flipping often.  Meanwhile, add Cilantro leaves and Onion to food processor and dice finely, will only take a couple pushes of the button, making careful to not over process and puree.  If desired, you can just hand chop very finely.  When ready to cook meat, drain juice and add to skillet on medium low and SLOWLY simmer til cooked thru, your meat should remain very tender if you cook low and slow.  Your meat will have already started cooking from the acid in the Lime, so it won't take long on the stove.  Add meat to your shell, top with the Cilantro Onion mixture, top with sliced Avocado or my fantastic Guacamole, and finish with my Homemade Salsa!  Enjoy  :)

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