Friday, October 14, 2016

Next Sugar

     Are you looking to reduce or cut Sugar out of your life!?  Well, I may have a simple answer for you, Next Sugar!  For years, the health world has been on the search for a healthy and delicious alternative for natural sugar.  But at Next Sugar, they found the solution by changing the conversation entirely.  Next Sugar is the first clinically-tested, low glycemic, natural cane sugar blend that tastes just like sugar because it is real sugar.  Their unique blend naturally and safely blocks up to 50% of the sugar from being absorbed by the body.  This means that you taste the full sweetness of sugar with out any unpleasant taste.
     They believe in the importance of using natural ingredients.  This is what inspired them to find a healthy option that does not rely on artificial sweeteners and questionable substitutes.  True health is all about making natural foods work for our body, and that's exactly what they've done with Next Sugar.
     What's in Next Sugar you ask!?  Fortunately, its a short list.  It's a proprietary blend of exactly two natural plant sugars-cane sugar (or sucrose), and pectin sugar.  Sucrose is common table sugar, the kind we've all grown up with.  It is made up of two simple sugars called fructose and glucose.  It's the careful combing of sucrose and pectin sugar that gives Next Sugar its incredible ability to block absorption of too much sugar into your body, making it a healthy alternative to sugar that's every bit as sweet and delicious.  Each teaspoon only has 8 calories and 4g carbs.  To find out more or order yours today, go to  In good health, paige  :)

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