Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Weeklong Garden Salad

     For many years I have been very diligent in keeping a Weeklong Garden Salad on hand at all times, ... 'cause I don't want to fear when I have to change my comfy stretchy pants for truth telling pants...with buttons and zippers.  My best advice to staying on track is to develop healthy structured routines on the daily.  That being said, I have discovered the longest lasting set of Greens that don't get wet, soggy or mushy and stays pretty crisp for up to a week.  Every day at lunch I can just grab a couple handfuls, add a lean protein and a Tablespoon of my favorite full fat Salad Dressing and I have a beautiful meal in minutes.  When that noon time hunger strikes, this girl is prepared.  As a side note, this is  a great addition to any large gathering as it feeds a crowd.

Ingredients for Large Salad~
3 Heads chopped Romaine
5-6oz Baby Kale or Spinach
10oz bag shredded Carrots
1 diced Red Bell Pepper
1 bunch sliced Green Onion
Cilantro leaves, if desired
Cherry Tomato, if desired

     Add to largest mixing bowl in order listed, cover with Saran Wrap and store in fridge up to a week.  Enjoy  :)

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