Saturday, September 26, 2015

Boulder Canyon Protein Crisps

     Remind me again what it was you were looking for in a healthy snack....let's see, ... was it non GMO, was it no Trans Fat, was it Gluten Free, was it no Cholesterol, was it no MSG or was it Kosher!?  Oh, and did you say you wanted fantastic flavor with options to choose from Dark Chocolate to Asiago Cheese!?  And lastly, did you want it to be low in calories and carbs but high in protein!?  Psssst... I have a secret... you can find all those qualities in one little bag of Boulder Canyon Protein Crisps! Satisfy your cravings while giving your body what it needs with Protein Crisps and enjoy that irresistible crunch,... hello 10grams of protein in every 120 calorie serving.  Get yours today at, save 10 dollars off your first 30 dollar order by clicking on  Make sure and follow Boulder Canyon on Facebook and keep up with the latest and the greatest!  Enjoy  ;)

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