Saturday, September 5, 2015

Coconut Cashew Truffles

     Dying for something a little sweet with a hint of  decadence, but don't want to live with the guilt and remorse afterward!?  Then how about giving my Coconut Cashew Truffles a whirlie!?  Each of the 8 Truffles are only 46.6 calories, 1.2g net carbs, and 3g protein.  Have one for an after dinner treat, or have several for the perfect meal!  After all, a Truffle a day will keep the doctor away  ;)

Ingredients for 8 Truffles~
1 Quest Coconut Cashew Protein Bar, divided into 8 equal parts
10 Lily's Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate Coconut squares, melted
1 Tablespoon reduced fat shredded Coconut
8 Cashews

     Divide Quest Bar into 8 pieces, microwave for 10 seconds, roll into balls and dip in melted Chocolate and then roll in Coconut, top with a Cashew.  Enjoy  :)

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