Monday, May 23, 2016

Ips Chips

     Experts are convinced that happiness leads to better health, and summertime is the perfect opportunity to relish in long, warm days and more time spent with family and friends.  This summer, Ips Snacks ( offers crunchy, salty snacks made with 5-7g of protein per serving, to provide sharable snacks and support beach bodies.  Ips Chips are gluten-free and made with whey protein and Non-GMO corn to keep stomachs full (but flat!).  Ips Snacks provide summertime satisfaction with delicious chips and tips for maximizing happiness, healthfully.
     It should come as no surprise that good food also increases happiness.  While Summer fruits and vegetables are plentiful, savory snacks take the cake.  Snacks by the pool and at summer BBQ's are most convenient when non-perishable and pack a flavorful punch.  With Ips Chips varieties ranging from Sea Salt and Black Pepper (perfect for a day at the beach), White Cheddar, and BBQ to Cinnamon (a sweet and salty trail mix option), snacks can still be creative and will always be delicious.
     When on road trips or in foreign cities, it can be tempting to ditch healthy eating habits but nobody enjoys being weighed down by fattening foods.  Nutritious snacks can prevent over-indulgence and allow families to enjoy vacation activities all day long.  At just $1.79 per bag, Ips Snacks may be the most cost-effective way of keeping families fueled-not feuding.
     Shape up this summer with my favorite tip of crushing a few chips on top of your favorite salad.  Any way you consume them, enjoy these guilt free, protein packed chips as part of a healthy, fitness fueling snack 7 days a week... and twice on Sunday!  Ips Snacks are sold in grocery stores and wellness retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Mollie Stone's, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and many others, as well as online thru



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