Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Labor Day Dilemma Survival Guide

     Due to all the eating opportunities that Holidays bring, do you freak out at the thought of all the potential pit falls waiting to derail your healthy food habits!!!???  Well, freak no more ... I have some suggestions that might just help get you thru the night , err, day ...

1) Stay Hydrated! It's too easy to mistake thirst for hunger, and set you up for poor choices.  I heard a simple formula the other day about how much water you should drink daily.  Simply divide your weight by 2 and that's how many ounces you should consume daily.  Also, avoid or limit alcohol. Luckily, I am a nice Mormon girl and don't have this issue, but if you must drink, then try to make lower calorie choices.
2) Make sure to contribute to the food table.  It will be much easier to fix your own plate and fill it with healthy food if you are the one ensuring there are good choices to pull from.
3) Grill as much as your meal as possible!  This will reduce fat tremendously and add a super duper amount of flavor.  And don't just limit your grill to meats, get crazy with the veggies AND FRUITS !!!  ;)
4) Bring a fun fresh fruit dessert to share after your meal!  I'm thinkin' Fruit Kabobs!  They are beautiful and tasty, and make a great centerpiece if they are stuck in a watermelon!!!
5) Avoid the high fat and mayo-laden dishes ... don't no body need "nun-o-that" in their lives ... or arteries ...!!!  Your fat cells will thank you  ;)
6) Keep the day as active as possible!!!  Get up a game of badminton, suggest put put golf after dinner or a family walk!  If its pool time, then create a few pool games with laps or treading water contest!  And, certainly don't forgo your morning workout before the day gets underway!
7) Have a plan, relax, wear sunscreen, focus on socialization, relationships and time with loved ones!  If you are prepared, you will have a nice Holiday!!!  Enjoy~ In good health, paige  ;)

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