Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Freeweight Training Anatomy

     When I received my copy of "Freeweight Training Anatomy", I thought I might find a few good tips, but had no idea how blown away I would be by all the wonderful detailed exercises.  Understanding your movements and the muscles that produce them can either enhance or diminish the effectiveness of your exercise program.  "Freeweight Training Anatomy" is a new book that will maximize your strength training results with its 300 full-color step-by-step exercise photos and 100+ full-color anatomy illustrations.
     With this book, you'll learn how to target specific muscles while exercising with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and more.  As you do a Dumbbell Fly, you'll learn the prime mover is the pectoralis major, assistant movers are the anterior deltoids and the stabilizers are the biceps, triceps and forearm muscles.  A Seated Medicine Ball Rotation targets the internal and external obliques and stabilizes the transverse abdominis, hip flexor muscles, and quadriceps.  For a more multifunctional exercise, the Kettlebell Lunge Passthrough exercises the quadriceps while stabilizing the biceps, tripceps, and forearm muscles.
     Whether your goals are to lose weight, increase muscles mass or to simplify your exercise routine, this book's customizable training programs will give you guaranteed results in just six weeks!
     With "Freeweight Training Anatomy," you'll get the body of your dreams simply by learning the right muscles to work.  Get yours today to start making your dreams a reality!  In good health~paige  :)

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