Sunday, March 6, 2016

Melt Organic

     Butter lovers rejoice!  With Prosperity Organic Foods' MELT Organic, those of us who crave that classic, creamy goodness can now spread, bake, cook and saute' with products that not only taste great but are also great for you.  MELT's all-natural butter substitutes are made with virgin coconut oil and other dairy-free, organic ingredients and were created for butter enthusiasts seeking a healthier alternative.
     All MELT Organic spreads are made from a perfect blend of beneficial plant and fruit-based oils, including certified Fair for Life Fair Trade virgin coconut and Rainforest Alliance certified palm fruit, as well as hi-oleic sunflower, non-GMO flax and non-GMO canola.  MELT Organic Buttery Sticks are made from a simpler blend of coconut, palm fruit and hi-oleic sunflower oils for optimal baking and cooking.  MELT Organic is the first line of buttery spreads in North America to secure Non-GMO Project Verification for all varieties in its product line.
     "MELT Organic was born from an authentic need for a healthier alternative to butter," says MELT president and CEO Meg Carlson.  "Tired of butter substitutes that  didn't taste good or perform well, we created an option that is truly good for you because it is rich in medium chain fatty acids, the 'good fats,' and boasts the highest omega-3 content in the category.
     Rich & Creamy MELT, Honey MELT and Chocolate MELT Buttery Spreads, as well as new Buttery Sticks and Probiotic Buttery Spread, are all certified USDA organic, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO Project Verified and free of trans fat, gluten dairy and soy.  MELT is made with eco-social and fair trade ingredients, and its recyclable square packaging requires less space to transport and store, thereby reducing greenhouse emissions.
     All MELT Organic products are available in stores nationwide for an SRP of $4.49-$4.99.  For more information and to purchase via the company's website, please visit


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