Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweet Potato vs Sweet Potato

     Nothing says celebrate like baked Sweet Potato's!  Like any good matriarch, I picked out the best looking ones in the produce section of my favorite grocery store with loving care.  As I was prepping this morning for the oven, I thought I would just weigh those hearty little devils to decide if I should cut them in half or thirds to make appropriate size servings.  Gently laying the potato on the scale, similar to how I step on my bathroom scales every Friday morning (like it will make a difference in the end result), I stepped backwards with a gasp (similar to the Friday morning ritual that takes place in my bathroom).  That innocent tater weighed in at a little over a POUND!!!!  Wwwhhhhaaaa....!?  That's over 400 calories and 100 carbs in one orange fleshed wolf in sheeps clothing waiting to devour me vs the other way around!  Do I want you to have a savory sweet experience on Holidays, ...why yes, yes I do... do I want you to have a pound worth, ...why no, no I don't!  But I do want you to have 3-4 ounces and enjoy it with abandon!  That's what we call a SERVING!!!  Those stats are 75-100 calories and 15-20 carbs and is GOOD FOR YOU!  Loads of fiber, vitamins and minerals, Sweet Potato's are our friend in appropriate doses (just like Uncle Bob).  Then fill your plate with other non starchy vegetables, 6oz protein and a thumb size portion of fat (think full fat salad dressing on your greens).  Or, I have a hot tip on cold Sweet Potatoes~ I chill my baked Sweet Potatoes and serve with a small dollop of light Cool Whip and enjoy it as dessert, tastes just like pie!  Enjoy the festivities guilt free by keeping portions in check, and remember one carb per meal on non holidays... (no carb combining~one whole grain, starchy vegetable or bread... or the carb police will transport you to the high blood sugar hospital and make you share a room with fat promoting hormone insulin... and word is they snore..)  In good health, paige  :)

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